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Helicopter Passengers Transport in Algarve (Portugal)

HTA has a wide range of passenger non-regular transport services .We can carry up to 5 passengers per helicopter, always making an effort to move in the direction of our customer’s expectations.

For VIP’s transport, flight baptisms events or if you just wish to make a helicopter tour, you can rely on HTA.


Helicopter Medical Service in Algarve (Portugal)

HTA is certified to perform emergency medical service flights. The AS355F1 meets  Class 1 requirements, and the emergency kit, is equipped with the most modern advanced life support equipment.

Helicopter Aerial Work in Algarve (Portugal)

Helicopters are an amazing working tool. Their versatility is huge and they can be used on several different roles. HTA is proud to annually conduct more than a thousand missions of aerial work in such varied areas as civil protection, film and photo shooting, carrying external loads or extend electric power line cables.

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