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Having a diverse fleet of helicopters, along with the experience and skill, we are able to provide the best training for both initial or professional pilots.
Helicopter Flight School in Algarve (Portugal)
PPL(H), CPL(H) and FI(H)

We offer ab initio training for Private and Comercial Pilot Licenses. If you are already a pilot you can take the next step and become an Instructor obtaining the Flight Instructor Rating. We provide the best training for both initial and professional pilots.

Helicopter Instrument Rating and Night Rating
IR(H), IR(SE) to IR(ME) and Night Rating

HTA is the best option whether you want to obtain the Instrument Rating in Multi-Engine helicopters or convert your Single-Engine Instrument Rating. The proximity of Faro International Airport (within 10 minutes) allows an effective instrument flight training.

Helicopter Type Rating
Cabri G2, AS350 and AS355 Type Rating and Type Rating Instructor

Approved EASA Type Rating training on the Cabri G2, Eurocopter AS350 (B2 and B3 versions), as well as on the multi-engine Eurocopter AS355F1. We also offer Type Rating Instructor courses for the same helicopter types.

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